Sunday, February 07, 2016

Asoka the Great........... By Evelyn!


This is Asoka

He was an conqueror, a mean conqueror I say.
His family was a dynasty in India.
When he was younger
everyone called him Asoka the Fierce
because he would kill anyone and anything !!!!!!!!!!!! When he was 22 his father died:[
That meant that Asoka would take the throne. Asoka wanted more and more power.
But one day after a long time of war Asoka had won the Battle of Kalinga.
Asoka went on the battlefield, there was blood every where.
Asoka felt really bad about it


After the battle Asoka was nice.
He built stupas for prayer and edicts .

When Asoka built the stupas and edicts he believed in Buddhism.
He believed that everyone should be treated fairly.  :] !!!!!
The rest of his life he was nice :]
Asoka is pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for listening:)



Miguel Saldivar said...

Awesome job! Bella and Gigi enjoyed reading your blog. We miss you sweet friend.

Eva Garringer said...

He definitely underwent a serious transformation, didn't he? It would be so amazing to hear from him what really made him change himself so drastically!

Daddy said...

Very interesting. Thanks for a great read!

Beth said...

Thanks for teaching me something new!

Jess P said...
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Jess P said...

Miss you too Bella and Gigi please keep reading it I would really appreciate it :)

Jess P said...

He does change pretty fast for sure:)

Jess P said...

Thank you Daddy.He is pretty interesting Huh:)

Jess P said...

I I would love to keep doing it.You learn something new everyday huh:)

Oma said...

Good job, Evie! I am so proud of you for wanting to share your new found knowledge with everyone😊