Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life is About to Change!!

So, over the past three days there have been some interesting developments in the life of Evelyn Paul. As displayed in the pictures below, she has figured out how to pull herself up and is now experimenting with it all over the house. She pulls up in her crib, on the couch, by the ottoman, and basically anywhere else she can get a good grip. What does this mean for mommy and daddy? Well, basically it means that our days of sitting peacefully with the baby are about to come to an end! :) In addition to her newest trick, she has figured out how to get around quite well in her walker and has made a sport out of chasing the dogs all over the house. This is really something you have to see to appreciate the extreme humor in it. Little Evelyn, running around in her walker, bumping into things, squealing and giggling as Pete and Sophie (and sometimes Duncan) run for their lives! I've said it time and time again, but having a baby really is such a fun thing! This little darling has developed quite an ornery personality and is a blast to watch in action!

Hi mommy!! Watch this!
Hmmm...look what I did!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby Blues

So, Kevin got you all updated on what has been going on around here and as a mommy with no free time lately, I would just like to thank him for doing that! One small note, Evie has started taking somewhat of a nap in the afternoon (finally, after not sleeping regularly for about 2 weeks) the only catch is that she has to be "danced" to sleep listening to blues music and she has to be held the entire time she is sleeping! If the music is turned off or down or you lay her in her crib, she wakes up and wants up. So, in the 8 months she has been here, we have learned that she has a very eclectic taste in music (like her daddy) and a very particular way that she wants things done (like her....mommy). No matter what, Kevin and I say each day what a blessing she is and how lucky we are!
On a side note, to any grandparents out there, happy belated Grandparents' Day! To any grand kids out there that forgot, call today to tell them how grateful you are for them. I miss mine terribly and wish I could call each day.
Like Kevin said, we'll try to get better at timely posts :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Long Overdue Update

So Evelyn has been sick for the last couple of weeks with a little cold. Her sleeping schedule has been a joke but things are beginning to level out again. Her top teeth are also beginning to push thru as well, another source of distress. Evelyn is attending baby sign and is having a good time.

Here she is with Grams in class.
We also attended The Art of Barbecue with the Paul's and Davis'. It was muddy but the food was good.
Then we recently enjoyed our first Drillers baseball game. We had a great time and so did Evelyn. Who is that other lady?
Dinner at The Cracker Barrel is always a good time. We could not resist putting the witch hat on her. Pretty cute... I mean scary.
Jess has signed up to sit for Reading Certification this fall and continues to see students as the school year has started. It has been work as usual for me. The shop was recently featured in a magazine article. You can read it here:$20

We will try and be more timely on our updates. Hope all is well with everyone.