Friday, February 12, 2016

Angel of the Battelfield.......... Clara Barton by Evelyn

This is Clara Barton. She was a  nurse for the Civil War.
This is her story.
In 1821on Christmas Day Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts they nicknamed her Clara.
Clara was scared of spiders,thunderstorms,and snakes.
Clara was eleven years old when her brother David Barton
fell of a barn roof.

For 2 years Clara nursed him
back to health.  After nursing him back to health she missed nursing him back to health,
but also happy that he was better

Clara soon started teaching. She was very good at it
At 18 she went to collage ,while she was in collage  she received a letter from
her brother Stephen telling her that their mother
had died:[
Clara hadn't gotten the letter fast enough to be able to go to the funeral :[

After that she went back to teaching,
but the school owners started thinking "That Barton thinks that she's as good as a man! and "Disgraceful !
A woman should not be allowed to run a school."

Soon after that they hired J.Kirby Burnham.
Clara taught for a few more months.
Clara then started helping with the  Union army, bringing them food on the battlefield.
Clara asked if she could help the soldiers on the battle field and Colonel Rucker said "Yes"
Clara worked really hard helping wounded soldiers.

Fun Fact: Clara was almost shot while the man she was nursing died
Clara then helped families find relatives.

Soon Clara opened The American Red Cross to help people that are in need.

So she started working at the Red Cross.
She soon got a message saying that her sister Sally Barton was ill

Clara was sad because of Sally's death but still working at the Red Cross.
A little while later on April 12, 1912, Clarissa Harlowe Barton died:[
The Red Cross is still around today.

I think Clara Barton is pretty cool, Huh?

Thanks for listening:]

Monday, February 08, 2016

Bricks 4 Cora

     My  name is Cora

I am 7. I love to play. And my older sister is fun she helps me read.

Me and my sister Evelyn started Bricks 4 Kidz and here it is.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Asoka the Great........... By Evelyn!


This is Asoka

He was an conqueror, a mean conqueror I say.
His family was a dynasty in India.
When he was younger
everyone called him Asoka the Fierce
because he would kill anyone and anything !!!!!!!!!!!! When he was 22 his father died:[
That meant that Asoka would take the throne. Asoka wanted more and more power.
But one day after a long time of war Asoka had won the Battle of Kalinga.
Asoka went on the battlefield, there was blood every where.
Asoka felt really bad about it


After the battle Asoka was nice.
He built stupas for prayer and edicts .

When Asoka built the stupas and edicts he believed in Buddhism.
He believed that everyone should be treated fairly.  :] !!!!!
The rest of his life he was nice :]
Asoka is pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for listening:)


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Meet the Kids Generation....... by Evelyn

 Meet Evelyn and Cora
We are 9 and 7 years old
We are doing a homeschool
post for whatever we learn about at meetings, home and classes.
Cora likes Fashion and Designing!!!!!!!!!
Evelyn likes Books and Sports!!!!!!!!!!!

 Thank You for listening!!!!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wrapping Things Up....

Just a quick post to update you all on the status of the baby and Evie. I went to the doc on Wednesday and things seem to be going very well. Right now, according to the ultra sound, the baby is growing right on track and weighs about 6 pounds. If I carry full term we should be looking at another 8-9 pound baby. Healthy and happy hopefully. The only surprising news is that because the baby is sitting so low and because I am already dilated, we might deliver early...this could be the Christmas baby :)
Evelyn is as wonderful as we could have ever imagined and we are so excited about the holidays. She is saying "Santa" and loves riding around at night shouting out the colors of all the Christmas lights and looking at the decorations.
Shopping is finished, wrapping will be by this weekend, and we are ready for this exciting time of year. We hope to be able to share it with all that we love and cherish and wish each of you a calm and happy next few weeks!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We're Thankful For....

The holiday season is upon us and we have found ourselves in a rush to get the house decorated, presents purchased, and things situated for the new arrival. Needless to say, we have been very busy around here! Thanksgiving was a wonderful day full of great food and family that we have not seen in awhile. Evelyn had a great time playing and entertaining and we very much enjoyed her ability to interact with others, giving mommy and daddy a little break. She is growing at amazing rates lately, physically and mentally. Her vocabulary is growing everyday and it has become quite interesting to listen to what she picks up! Just yesterday, her Oma taught her how to properly give her baby a bottle and she caught right on. Now...let's just hope she's as happy about a real baby as she is about the doll...
I am working for three more weeks and then will go on a maternity leave, of sorts, from tutoring in order to adjust to having two little ones in the house. Kevin has started his job with BOK and in just 3 days they have managed to keep him very busy!
We hope that all is well with you and look forward to the holidays and catching up. Enjoy the random pics below. FYI....the last one demonstrates how my dad felt about hosting Thanksgiving :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our Little Ladybug

So, Halloween has come and gone all too fast and for us it was another year of a precious costume and a little one that only wanted out if it! Evelyn went as a ladybug this year (thanks to our friend Julie S) and the costume could not have looked more adorable. A few weeks ago we tried it on and Evie screamed her little head off. So, I put it in the closet until right before it was time to go and she thought that it was a big treat to put it on. She greeted daddy at the door as he arrived home from work and the expression on his face made her so happy that she didn't seem to mind wearing it much anymore. We visited a few houses and Evie carried around her pumpkin, but really had no idea what was going on. She was totally happy when we let her take the costume off and sort her candy from one basket to another. Here are a few of the pics that we were able to get. It's tough trying to get a ladybug to smile :) Hope that you all had a great Halloween!
Our Little Ladybug
Trick or Treat!! costume
Daddy and his little girl
One happy girl!

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