Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our Little Ladybug

So, Halloween has come and gone all too fast and for us it was another year of a precious costume and a little one that only wanted out if it! Evelyn went as a ladybug this year (thanks to our friend Julie S) and the costume could not have looked more adorable. A few weeks ago we tried it on and Evie screamed her little head off. So, I put it in the closet until right before it was time to go and she thought that it was a big treat to put it on. She greeted daddy at the door as he arrived home from work and the expression on his face made her so happy that she didn't seem to mind wearing it much anymore. We visited a few houses and Evie carried around her pumpkin, but really had no idea what was going on. She was totally happy when we let her take the costume off and sort her candy from one basket to another. Here are a few of the pics that we were able to get. It's tough trying to get a ladybug to smile :) Hope that you all had a great Halloween!
Our Little Ladybug
Trick or Treat!!

Ahhh...no costume
Daddy and his little girl
One happy girl!

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