Sunday, October 05, 2008

Just a Little More

So, the week and weekend that we had planned did not happen. A series of unfortunate, though humorous in a way, events took place that set all of us back. the baby cold that Evie has been fighting took a strong hold at the beginning of the week, just in time for the baby to move right onto my sciatic nerve, therefore putting me out of commission. My mom was nice enough to offer to help me with Evie during the day because I was having a great deal of trouble getting around and chasing her was tough! So, the second day that we trekked over to mom's for help, she stepped wrong off of the back deck and managed to break her foot. After an afternoon at the minor emergency room, we decided to call it a week and throw the towel in. My clients were cancelled, the garage sale was postponed and other activities were foregone. What a mess this week has been! Next week can only get better...hopefully:)
I am including in this gloomy post, some of the other pics taken at the zoo. The little "Mac Daddy" in the pictures with Evie is her friend Aaron....too cute!
Wishing you all a happy, healthy week :)