Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Busy Weekend

This weekend we kept Evelyn very busy!! On Friday we visited the zoo again with our friends Janna and Aaron. This is the second time that we have been together and Janna and I think that we finally have the best way figured out! The kids had a great time together. I really don't know who enjoys it more, the kids or the moms :) We were able to visit the newly remodeled petting zoo where Evelyn tested her Dr. Doolittle skills and then moved along to Featherfest where she fed several birds and giggled nonstop.
Then, Saturday, we had a make-up class at Lil' Gym so Kevin was able to go with us. It was backwards day so we practiced walking, running, and flipping backwards. She loved it and is now insisting on flipping forward and backwards at home :) It really has been a great experience for her. Her skills are developing and she is having a great time. Of course, her favorite time is bubble time at the end of class!
We have another busy week ahead of us and are going to try to fight off another baby cold that was picked up somewhere in all the excitement this weekend.
If you're in the area this weekend, stop by and keep us company at yet another garage sale :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trying This Again

So, as I have realized that there are still people checking this despite our total lack of commitment, I am vowing to give it another go. After all, there has been a lot going on and will be so much more to come very soon. Thanks to all of you that didn't give up on us :)

The summer flew by and somehow we found ourselves busier than ever. The backyard is finally in good condition after several invasions by the city and a days worth of professional tree trimming. Kevin has finished the garage and it looks amazing and has now moved on to painting the house and doing large chores in the backyard. All of this before we can tackle the jobs that need to be finished in the house. We are working towards selling the house. It's not on the market yet and we are going to try to stay here until next spring, but we'll see what the future had in store.

Evelyn had a big summer! She started a new gymnastics class (which she loves), went to the library once a week for story time, and found plenty of time to spend hanging out at the pool with Aaron. To wrap it all up, she got to take her first plane ride to Myrtle Beach! We spent a week there in a lovely condo, right on the beach, and had an opportunity to catch up with old friends and family. It was Kevin's first time there and even though he had to leave early, I think that he had a good time. Evie also survived Tropical Storm Hanna, sleeping right through it and not even realizing what was going on. We really did have a blast and hope to go back very soon!

Baby Number Two is doing great, growing daily, and moving like crazy! We decided to let this one be a surprise also, so the name discussion and debate carries on. The due date changes frequently, so Kevin and I are saying some time at the beginning of January. Anyway, the kids will be almost exactly 2 years apart and we will have our hands full! Four more months to get as much done as possible :)

The pics below are from the trip, I will post more asap and try very hard to keep this going :) Hope you all are doing well!!!

eating watermelon with a shovel..yummmm
this is evie's elevator pose
checking out the fish at the aquarium
the day after the storm
saying good bye to SC