Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a Life!!

She's only 15 months old and is ready to tackle the world! Here's a day in the life of Evelyn:working, posing, getting ready to go out, and finally...raising her arms in exhaustion!!
Oh, what happened to the time?!
PS...please direct all your calls and emails to her from now on :)

Allergies and Eggs

So Easter was a bit different for us this year. Evelyn woke up with what apparently was a huge case of allergies, thanks to the blooming trees in Tulsa, and was not much in the mood for outdoor play and bunny hopping. So, we improvised and played with her basket and plastic eggs in the house. The front room became the place to collect and sort eggs, in addition to the catch that was being played between mommy and daddy. She seemed to have a good time, if only the Easter Buny could have hopped along with a cure for the runny nose! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barefoot in the Park

Last Friday Janna and I took the kids to Lafortune Park for a little fun in the sun. We brought along the wagon so that Evelyn and Aaron could experience riding together. Each of them have a wagon, but riding together was so much more fun!! It was Evie's first time to the park so she got to ride the swings and play a bit on one of the big toys. She was very apprehensive of the swing at first, but once she saw the old pro, Aaron, giggling and having fun, she began to laugh and really enjoy herself. We could not enjoy the slides because of the standing water from the night before, but walking up and down the ramp seemed to make up for it. We are planning to head back tomorrow, if the weather is nice, so maybe then we can try out the slide! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Who Knew....

That exploring the front yard could be so much fun?!! Sunday was another beautiful day in Tulsa, so we decided to try and spend as much time outside as was possible. After a walk around the fairgrounds, we came home and decided to let Evie explore the front yard. She had a great time looking at and touching everything. She saw a helicopter, put sticks into holes, climbed up the stairs, raced around the driveway, and explored the cars. She just toddles around like a champion now and likes to scoot away from mommy and daddy as quickly as possible:) It's just amazing to watch her do things that I take for granted and enjoy them so much. My favorite part of the exploration was watching her put sticks under the fence for Pete and Sophie and laugh when the were pulled under and disappeared! I hope that you all had a great weekend too and that you enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Just thought that these were too cute to not post! Apparently we are not feeding Evie enough and she is just exhausted from all this walking!

What a Zoo-tiful Day!

Finally!! Tulsa had some beautiful weather on Saturday and we just had to take advantage of it! We packed up and headed to the Tulsa Zoo for Evelyn's first encounter with wildlife. We spent about 2 hours there and covered quite a bit of ground in that short time. Many of the animals were napping as we visited, but Evie did get a chance to watch a polar bear, a giraffe, the chimpanzees, and even enjoyed seeing a hog (of some sort :) ) Most of all though, she loved watching all of the people and being outside in the fresh air. We will be going back as soon as the weather permits, but for now, we are back in the house, avoiding the freezing temps! Hope all is well!