Sunday, February 24, 2008

Been Awhile

It has been awhile and for those of you that we have not talked to, here is a very short version of what has been going on in Evie's life.
She survived the Ice Storm of 2007 thanks to friends and family, experienced her first Christmas with an overwhelming amount of gifts, slept through New Years 2008, celebrated her first year surrounded by family and friends, spent a month very ill, in and out of the doctor's office, recovered nicely, started feeding herself, and as of Wednesday, started walking!
So, lots has happened in her world and an equal amount of craziness has been going on in her parents' lives, but overall, 2008 is looking up and promises to be a year full of new experiences and growth for all of the Paul family members.
We hope that you all are doing well and that the year is bringing you all you hoped for!
Please enjoy just some of the pics that have been taken lately...