Monday, October 29, 2007


It has come to my attention that Kevin and I have been neglecting our blog lately. Well, I do apologize to those of you that check it and use it for updates on Evelyn, however, I will say that the past few weeks have been a bit difficult with her and have not allowed for much free time to sit and type away. In addition, our camera decided that it was time to quit working and we have not been able to replace it, as of yet. Evelyn is doing well, healthy and growing. She is not, though, sleeping as well as we would have hoped and naps are virtually non-existent. Kevin and I have realized that we are just in a difficult parenting time right now and that this too shall pass. Please keep Evie in your positive thinking thoughts and be patient if the blog is not regularly updated. Next time I post, I plan to have pics and good news to share with everyone.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, my friends, it has finally happened! Evelyn is crawling! she took her first major crawl acroos the floor on Saturday night and since then, she has been buring a path on the floor chasing the dogs and getting into anything and everthing she can. Kevin and I spent Saturday night and Sunday baby-proofing the house and we still have more to go. I'm sure that it comes as no surprise, but we have quite the explorer on our hands! Enjoy the following pics of her new adventures and be sure there will be more to come!

On my way!!
Talking to Grams