Monday, July 16, 2007

Pretty in Pink

I only hope that all of you will enjoy these as much as I do!! I don't know if it was the dress or the entertainment of Grams, but these are some of the best pics we have captured lately.

Yes, she really is this happy! This goofy grin is the newest addition to her facial expressions and I think it has made its appearance because Evie is getting her first teeth!! That's right, 2 little pearly whites on the bottom row!

We took her to the doctor when we got back for a check up and our little girl is 28 1/2 inches long and 18 pounds. She is in 12 month clothes and the good news is that she is finally growing into her beautiful head. She is a healthy baby and a total blessing to her mommy and her daddy./ Parenthood is good!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Road Trip!!

This is the life!!

We just returned from our trip to Milwaukee. My brother and his fiance', Beth, tied the knot on 7-7-07 and the family trekked up to Milwaukee for the festivities. Thanks to the generosity of my father-in-law, we were able to ride in style in his Yukon XL (formerly known as a Suburban) and Evie was able to experience her first cross country road trip. She lasted in the car seat for about 2 hours and then we resorted to traveling with her like my parents traveled with us. She had a comfy bed made for her just behind the back seat and she ate, napped, and played the whole way!! What a trooper she was! And now she can say that she has been to 3 new states!

Checking to make sure daddy is still there

Are we there yet?!