Saturday, August 26, 2006

No News is Good News

Hey everyone! Sorry that it has taken so long to updates, but I have been out of town for a few days and Kevin has been busy with work. Mom and I went away on Monday for a little girls week in Branson. She and apparently alot of other people thought that I needed to get away and try to relax a bit for the sake of the baby. We spent our time in Branson relaxing by the pool, shopping, and sleeping. That is a facinating town, not at all what I expected. It's a bit like Las Vegas for the country folk. We had a great time, encountered some interesting situations, and saw some neat stuff. I would like to publicly thank my mom for being so good to me and spending the week with me, not to mention willingly going to the Titanic museum that I wanted to see! Thanks also to my dad and my hubby for holding the fort down at home!
Before we left for Branson, I had another Dr's appointment just to check and se how things are going. The Dr said that the baby looks good and is growing a little bit ahead of schedule, which is normal. The heartbeat is strong and so far this is a healthy pregnancy. I am able to feel the little one now and if the movement inside is anything like the movement outside will be, Kevin and I are going to have our hands full! Kevin has been able to feel it moving around also. It is such an amazing thing!! We are still trying to decide exactly what we want to do for the nursery and have come up with some very cute ideas, but we have to finish the enormous project in the kitchen first. It looks like painting will begin this weekend and I am crossing my fingers that we can be totally finished by Labor Day weekend.
I started sending out information to schools around Tulsa in hopes of gaining new tutoring clients, we shall see how this whole endeavor goes. I am going to present my portfolio of work I have done through my graduate program to a panel of professors and peers on Thursday and if all goes well I will be one step closer to finishing this degree. I have to take compositional exams in September, so the majority of that month will be spent studying.
So, as you can see things are pretty normal around here. I will catch up more later and will have KP drop a line. Peace, Jess

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Drumroll....Kevin and Jess' baby is a....

Very healthy baby that is still expected to arrive on the 25th of December! We went in for the big ultra sound today to see the baby and check it's growth. The tech said that everything looks great and that the baby is within normal ranges in all areas. We fought the great temptation to find out what we are having, stuck with our original plan and decided that it should be a surprise. The tech said that she did not even look to see what it is so it will not be written in our chart and even the doctor will not know. So, it will be a Christmas surprise for everyone! It was a thrilling experience to see our baby so clearly and to know that everything is going as planned. The baby spent most of the time sucking on one of its fingers and posing for the camera, so we got a few really good shots. We think that we are sold on names so that is one less thing that we have to worry about now. Yeah! Just wanted to let everyone know that things went well and that we have a very healthy baby and are already turning out to be very proud parents! Peace, Jess

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Little Update for Those in Need of Information

Well hello everyone,
I have finally finished with school and am slowly moving into a normal life again. I finished my summer classes and am so happy that this experience is over! I have one more class to take in the fall. By fault of my own and my advisor, I have to be enrolled in the fall semester in order to take my compositional finals and present my portfolio of all the work I have completed in the program. I will be doing a directed study under the professor that I had for my July classes. she is a lovely lady, very intelligent, and very funny! I don't expect that the study will be too complicated.
I am in the process of getting my information for the tutoring business out and about and am shamelessly using people that I know to spread the word. I have a few clients right now, but would really feel more secure if I could get about 5. If anybody knows of a child that needs help...please let me know. See, another shameless plea!
Mom and dad are having a garage sale this weekend and Kevin and I are going to put many things in it in order to clean out the house. We have to make as much room as possible for the coming arrival. Kevin has been working so hard on the kitchen and we are so close to being finished. Yesterday was spent grouting and cleaning. The tile looks beautiful now and the bar that he built is going to be so great for eating in the kitchen! We have to move on to the baby's room next and are in the process of choosing colors and a style to decorate. We bought a book yesterday to help and I think that we might have found a great idea, but it is a little "off the wall!" It might not be the final choice, but it is different and would work for a boy or a girl. On that note, the name game is becoming a fun one. Thanks for the suggestions those of you have offered. It is going to be a matter of each of us making a list of favorites and then negotiating. We'll let all of you know when a decision is made.
We go in for our next ultra sound this thursday and we will get to see the baby! Hopefully it is healthy and happy! For those of you holding out on a change of mind, the answer is still "No" we are not going to find out what it is. As long as it is healthy, that is all that matters!
I think that you are all caught up on most of what is going on. I'll try to be more faithful to this thing, since I did create it and have to keep everyone up to date.
I wish you all a peaceful day! Jess